Waking Up to Wildfires (Documentary)


The El Rey Theater will host the documentary, Waking Up To Wildfires, on Wednesday, April 17th at 6pm. This 56-minute documentary is FREE to attend (voluntary contributions highly encouraged at the door) and will be followed by a Q&A with scientists, firefighters and others helping survivors recover from these historic wildfires in California. Seating is first come, first serve and doors open at 5:30pm.

— Featured Documentary —
In Waking Up to Wildfires, Emmy-winning filmmaker Paige Bierma uses her lens to tell the stories of people most affected by the 2017 North Bay wildfires. We’ll hear from survivors, firefighters, public health officials, community groups – and the scientists who are trying to make sense of it all while people struggle to recover and new fires erupt.

— Donation —
This event is FREE to attend and sponsored by the El Rey Theater and the Environmental Health Sciences Center at UC Davis. To help cover the costs of hosting, a voluntary contribution to the El Rey is highly encouraged at the door.

— Please RSVP online  —
RSVP online to let us know you’re attending to help us prepare.

— Movie Times —
Doors open at 5:30pm
Movie Starts at 6:00pm (Runtime: 56 minutes)
Q&A Starts at 7:05pm

— No outside food or beverage —
Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase at our concessions stand. Please bring extra cash for your concessions purchases.

Here’s what the audience said about the film at its recent premiere in Sonoma, CA:


“The strong sense of community.”

“The personal stories and grassroots scientific efforts.”

“The stories of the heartache, loss, resilience and human spirit. I cried the entire time.”

“We had to evacuate and lost a home in Coffey Park. The movie was incredible. A powerful, wonderful representation.”

“The honesty of victims about the emotional aftermath.”

“The risks taken by first responders and ability of the filmmaker to evoke raw emotion from the people she interviewed.”

“The vividly documented destruction caused by fire and resulting post-traumatic stress.”

“The strength, compassion and emotional toll on the first responders.”

“Hearing Jason’s story and how he was affected by what happened to Armando. Vulnerability is always powerful, especially from the community of firefighters and first responders.”


“Knowing the ongoing pain and suffering continues.”

“The remaining and mounting danger of a repeat event.”

“The psychology of disasters and effects on everyone, people and their pets.”

“The lack of housing that still exists over a year later.”

“The injustice the Spanish-speaking community experiences every day.”

“That our country, state, county and people are still not talking about climate change seriously. We must act now!”


DATE: 4/17/2019

TIME: 5:30 PM


TYPE: Movie