Comedy Night! ft. Christopher Titus


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Comedy Night! ft. Christopher Titus

Employing what he’s labeled ‘hard funny,’ Christopher Titus, star and creator of the Fox show, “Titus,” has released eight ninety-minute albums in as many years. Known for leaving no stone unturned, especially within his own life and family, Titus takes his audience on a 90-minute ride that will leave them exhausted from laughter. To see one of Christopher Titus’ shows, is to love him. Titus is currently performing his ninth and newest show, “Stories I Shouldn’t Tell,” in sold out theaters across the country. Titus also wrote, directed and starred in a full-length film called “Special Unit,” released in 2017, that won several film awards, and has since been released in 68 countries.

Christopher Titus takes the stage on Friday, October 11th at the El Rey! Support from Rachel Bradley.

• Event Info •
Friday, October 11th, 2019
Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm
16+ to Attend

• Ticket Info •
Premium Floor: $45
Lower Gallery: $35
Upper Gallery: $25
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DATE: 10/11/2019

TIME: 7:30 PM

PRICE: $25-$45

TYPE: Comedy